Home Neurofeedback Training Systems

Achieving Clinical Outcomes at Home

Home neurofeedback training offers the same brain wave regulation program used by our clinical staff in the office to be conveniently done from home. Users will be provided with the same advanced equipment used by our technicians, taught how  to use the software, and receive the same training experience as those who come in for appointments. 

Rental equipment is easy to set up and very user friendly. The program is safe for all ages and all backgrounds. 

Training can be done more frequently than in the office. If the goal is to promote change quickly, home training may be for you. Because of our busy in office schedule, a preferred appointment may not be available. Home training can be done any time of day or night. 

The clinical staff will walk you through the first few sessions to ensure training is being done at the same high standard as in the office. After the first sessions are completed, you can train around your schedule. Regular check-ins with the staff will maintain communication and allow for changes as necessary. 

If you can plug in your favorite handheld device to get it charged, you can do the home training!

Ready to begin?

If you are ready to being your home training program, contact us today to find out how to get started!